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Goals of the Cyprus Dietetics and Nutritiion Association

The Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association is a not-for-profit organization serving both our membership and the international Dietetics community. The following are the aims and objectives of our Association:


Promotion, education and protection of the public health and prevention of certain  diseases through sound nutritional habits romotion of the profession of dietetics in the hospital/clinical setting, industry, education, media, agriculture, research and private sector.

Promotion of high educational standards for the science and practice of dietetics in order  to protect the profession 
of dietetics.

Establishment of the association as the only Professional Body in Cyprus for Dietitians / Clinical Dietitians / Nutritionists.

Enforcement of and obedience to the Laws/Bylaws and the Code of Ethics.

  • Acknowledgement of CyDNA by other International Dietetic Associations and / or Medical Associations.
  • International Networking.